Lexia Champs

I love you because...

Happy Love Day!

This week's Lexia champs

Push and Pulls

Dental Health

Groundhog's Day

50 Mile runners

Congrats to our friends who have leveled up three times in Lexia.

100 days smarter!

Ag Day fun

Snow People fun

New Year

Christmas Program

Christmas Party

Winter Wonderland



Gingerbread Day

Native Americans and Pilgrims

Living seed necklaces


Mummy Wrap

Trick or Treat

Halloween Carnival

Field Trip

Pumpkin emotions


                                                          Happy Birthday Mrs. Janie

We think we saw a ghost

We're Going on a Leaf Hunt

Pumpkin measurment

Making pumpkin pie

Q and U Reception

Q and U Wedding

X is for X-ray

Glow Party


Plant Adaptation Walk

Career Day

Post Office

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